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KS ORKA fully established in Indonesia

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In less than three years, KS ORKA has acquired an extensive project portfolio in Indonesia, engaged three drilling rigs and secured 120 MW of proven steam under well head.  The first power plant began test operation earlier this year. 
In video are the main milestones of KS ORKA in Indonesia: 


Sorik Marapi beginning test operation!

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GPP Sorik Marapi 240 MW beginning test operation!

Geothermal Power Plant Sorik Marapi is now producing power from the first phase to the grid in Indonesia only 19 months after spud in of the first well. The very first phase includes 20 MW of clean power for Indonesia!

KS ORKA began in operation early 2016 with the same management team as in ORKA Energy. We have now operating assets in Europe and Asia, 115 MW of tested and confirmed steam under wellhead and 520 MW in project portfolio in Asia and Europe.

Project team in Indonesia visited by PLN

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KS ORKA project team in Sorik Marapi Indonesia visited by representatives of government of Indonesia

As a part of the preparation of further power delivery to the electrical grid in Indonesia, then the KS ORKA project team in Sorik Marapi Indonesia was visited by PLN, representatives of the governments and state owned enterprises.

The guests are representatives of Vice President’s Secretariat Office, Coordinating Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Directorate General of EBTKE from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, PT PLN, PT Geodipa Energi and PT SMI.

Reaching the 100 MW milestone – Indonesia

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KS ORKA Indonesia reaching the 100 MW milestone of power under wellhead

KS ORKA is developing three projects in Indonesia with a total reservoir capacity of 380 MW.  The project teams have been drilling with three drilling rigs and just recently proceeded with the Spud-In of the 20th well.

The total power under well head based on three step utilisation, i.e. expander, ORC high and ORC low, has now reached the 100 MW level.  The first units are already in the commissioning phase.

Project in Indonesia

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KS ORKA’s third geothermal project in Indonesia

KS ORKA signs a Joint Venture agreement with PT Optima Nusantara Energyi on the development of the Simbolan-Samosir geothermal power project in North Sumatra Indonesia.  The project area is indicating a 110 MW resource.  This is KS ORKA´s third power project in Indonesia.

Sorik Marapi 240 MW

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KS ORKA Indonesia – Sorik Marapi 240 MW

KS Orka’s Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant is commissioning the first power plant in April 2018, only 18 months after spud in of the first well.  This is a great achievement of the project team.

This will be KS ORKA´s second power plant in operation.


Geothermal Heat and Power Plant Tura Commissioning

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Hungary Budapest – Geothermal Heat and Power Plant Tura Commissioning

The first geothermal power plant in Hungary is in the commissioning face.  Official opening is planned in November.  The power plant is a combined heat and power plant, i.e. 3 MW and 7 MWth heating capacity.

KS ORKA plans to build up a portfolio of power plants in South East Europe with a total capacity of 100 MW and 280 MWth heating capacity before end of 2021.

Project Manager for projects in South East Europe

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KS ORKA hiring a Project Manager for projects in South East Europe

The Project Manager vs General Manager shall be responsible for projects and operations in South East Europe with main focus on projects in Hungary, in the construction and operation of geothermal power plants.

The position will manage the overall execution of geothermal power plants, including drilling operation, power plant construction and daily operation.

Geothermal Power Project Sokoria

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Indonesia – Geothermal Power Project Sokoria ready for Spud-In

KS ORKA´s 1500 hp drilling rig is ready to Spud-In on the Sokoria Project site on the Island Floris in Indonesia. 

The drilling rig is owned by Asia Petrocom Services and drilling works will be performed by a JV APS – Lekom Maras with Halliburton.  This is the third drilling rig operated by KS ORKA in Indonesia.