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About Orka

About Orka

KS ORKA is a project developer focused exclusively on the development of geothermal and waste heat projects. Orka’s experienced team has over 30 years of collective experience developing, managing and financing geothermal energy and power projects.

KS ORKA combines its geothermal and project development expertise with Kaishan’s power plant technology and manufacturing expertise to form Asia’s first vertically integrated geothermal and waste energy company.

KS ORKA brings to its projects some of the most experienced geothermal experts and power project developers in the world. Members of the management team, the former management of ORKA Energyhave participated in some of the most significant geothermal energy projects project around the globe, including:

  • The development of the Biliran power project, which is one of the largest greenfield geothermal power projects currently under development in the Philippines
  • The development of the largest geothermal heating operation in the world through SGEG in China
  • The development and construction of the Hellisheidi Power Plant in Iceland, which at 705 MW (CHP) is the largest single standing geothermal power plant
  • The project financing of Sarulla, which is the largest geothermal power project in Asia

The KS ORKA team is currently involved in projects in the Indonesia, Hungary, Serbia and Turkey.

Our Management Team

Eirikur Bragason, CEO

Mr. Bragason is the CEO of Orka and a highly accomplished expert in geothermal resource development and power project management with more than 25 years experience in project development. Prior to joining Orka, he was the Chief Project Manager for various projects undertaken by Reykjavik Energy and by his own consulting company. He was also responsible for notable power projects in Iceland, Brazil, Spain, Germany, China as well as the Philippines. Mr Bragason holds degrees in Engineering Structures TU Berlin, as well as Business and Administration.

Michael Reading, COO

Mr. Reading has 20 years of experience with the development, management and project financing of energy infrastructure and power projects in Asia. Previously he was the Executive Director, Power for BW Maritime where he led BW’s power investment team. He was a Senior Investment Specialist at the Private Sector Operations Department at the Asian Development Bank. He was a Director and Project Manager for ten years at global IPP InterGen, where he worked on the development, management and financing of large coal and gas-fired power projects in Asia.

William Tei, President Director Indonesia

William Tei is the President Director for all KS Orka owned projects in Indonesia. William is managing the 240MW Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP) project in Mandailing Natal, North Sumatera and the 30MW Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia (SGI) project in Ende, NTT. Under his leadership, both projects are progressing with an accelerated schedule with the target to bring power to the grid just 14 months after commencing drilling. William is a Chartered Professional Engineer who holds a BA Degree (Honours) in Civil Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He has over 20 years of experience in Business and Project Management in the Energy sector across Australia and Southeast Asia.

Grimur Bjornsson, Chief Reservoir Engineer

Mr. Bjornsson holds a BS in geophysics and MS in geothermal reservoir engineering from UC Berkeley. He has been active professionally and academically in the geothermal industry for 30 years, dealing with most aspects of geothermal sciences and utilization, both in Iceland and internationally.
His specialties are integration of field data into conceptual reservoir models, numerical model
development and generating capacity estimates for geothermal systems.

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